Im In Awe!

We aren't progressing...we have our faces glued to little screens and never look up to the bigger picture. Have you noticed on EP how its cool to be mean? Its cool to be psycho and juvenile and the sheeple follow this behavior. For myself, I'm an adult and avoid that fuckery. I dont understand how animal abuse, trolling and playing around in confessions is amusing. I have certain standards and I seriously have to draw the line if anyone in my circle starts following this line of thinking. Its sad but I have to stand up for what I believe in. People have to wake up and realize who their friends really are. They wallow in sickness and cruelty. 
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4 Responses Mar 7, 2012

I agree that I will drop people off my friends list if they act up like you have described, personally I have been lucky and not had that happen so far. However I think it might help that I am somewhat picky and don't have friends in my circle that do that. Everyone is pretty much mature and here for the same reasons. Let's hope we can all enjoy some peace and quiet if that is what we want for a while, a good long while.

I...can't say I have, sorry. But I'm not on EP as much as I used to be, so that might be why? Still sucks to hear that people are being *****. : /

I read poems that were refreshing, maybe you shoul see what I read.

Anonymity sure is the EP power, also its weakness !