He Hits Me

i have been so low for about 3 years that iv thretened to kill myself.and the main reason is to get some comfort from my boyfriend.hes not nice to me he doesnt make me feel special. i have two kids under 3 years old and its the hardest job in the world but my boyfriend thinks i make up how hard it is.i hate me i hate my life and 90% of the time i cant even cope with my eldest child. he shouts at me throws things at me.and no one nos what im going through.i dont want to be me no more.i want to be the slim pretty girl who used to love herself....

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4 Responses Jul 2, 2009

i know its easier said than done but respect yourself and dont let others walk on you.

I hope that you come back around to EP, so you can get this message. Your eldest is doing a combination of two things, one, he's a toddler, and he's going to act out, but two, he's learning behavior from his father. It's rare for me to actually give advice to anyone, especially when I wasn't asked, but it would do you and your kids a world of good to get out of your situation. There are MANY resources and agencies that can help you out, all it takes is just one phone call, and you can talk to someone kind and caring that can point you in the right direction for help.<br />
<br />
1-800-799-7233(SAFE) in the U.S. <br />
and 0808 800 5000 in the U.K.

dont allow that ******* to make you feel that way.Rasing kids is work hard work.I dont have an answear for you but it sounds like he a little imature.MY opinion only is if you got family to help you out leave him,and dont go back unless hes actually taking up time with the kids and proving by his actions that he cares for you and those kids.Im not talking for just one or two weeks either.If you leave him it might make him realize what hes losing.Those kids need there mother and you need people to get envovled and support you with there time to help you.Its tough but you will make through.If you dont believe in god start believing and pray he does answear,for those kids are a blessing not a curse

well I can relate to u, 100%, I have 6 kids, their father ran me into the ground for 10 years..I am just now..out of it..but he still calls and plays like he will change, I know he won't and my self esteem and health are depleted from him and all his abuse..I do it alone all day every day so I know how hard being a mom is too. Hang in there...I am there too