Why, Why, Why?

Why is it that when people become angry they start rattling off things they dont mean?  I have a terrible case of this!

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3 Responses May 6, 2007

I feel people do this (including myself) to hurt or spite another person --especially if they've hurt you first. It's just a way to really get back at someone for doing/saying something that offended/hurt/bothered you. Even if you don't like or really believe in what you're saying, as long as it hurts the other person(s), it's working - your words have an affect on that person, just how their words had an affect on you.

That kind of anger is usually founded in some kind of fear. Next time you start to get angry like this, stop for a second and ask yourself,"What am I afraid of?" I bet you'll figure it out really quickly, and then you can talk about your fear instead of hurting the people close to you. You could stat the sentence like this: "It feels like you're saying..." or," I feel _____ when you say or do that." <br />
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It may help; it's helped me very much. Best wishes...

I am guilty of doing the very same thing. Mainly I do it to the people I am closest to that I love the most. I always feel terrible later and sometimes if I am real angry I only remember half of what I actually say and then that person reminds me of things I said that I swear I do not remember saying. Do you ever have that happen to you where you get so mad you forget some of what you said?