A few of my mother's friends, guys, do stop by to do repairs to the house or get paperwork done. But every time they have to use the toilet, they never shut the door! They know that the house is full of women... myself, my sister, my mother, and sometimes my aunts are over for a visit! But they don't shut the door and if we are not careful, we could walk by in the hallway and see them! :-o

The bathroom is in the center of the second floor and even when climbing the stairs, you can get a full view of inside the bathroom! Do they not realize this or do they not care? I wonder.

Well, I certainly don't want to see a guy peeing! EWWW! XD

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Men and boys peeing with the door open is more common than you might think. Many men and boys have been accustomed to not having privacy for peeing starting from the time that they were potty trained. I was trained to aim into the middle of the water of the toilet so the urine wouldn't get on the floor. From as young as I can remember, I always liked the sound of my pee stream hitting the water. We get used to public restrooms as little guys, and take it in stride that it's normal to pee with other people around. In some families, men and boys don't shut the door to pee. I grew up in times when almost all homes had only one bathroom, and family members shared the facilities when they needed to. Our bathroom was upstairs, and dad and I always peed with the door open. I was the youngest of the 4 of us, and mom and sis saw me pee many times. If somebody had to come into the bathroom while I was peeing, it didn't matter. When one of us was in the bath tub and someone else needed to pee, come on in!

It was the same for many of my elementary school friends. They didn't shut the door at home just to pee. When we visited each other, we didn't shut the door in their home either. In one friend's home, there was an open toilet in the corner of their basement near the washer and dryer. My friend, his brother, and I often played in the basement, and we used to pee in the toilet while his mom was doing the laundry. It never mattered that she saw us because we were just boys.

In grade school, we got 2 bathroom breaks per day. All the boys formed a line at the boy's room. The female teacher would stand in the open doorway and direct traffic to and from the 6 urinals. The urinals were floor length without dividers, and we were used to our teachers standing at the doorway and watching us while we peed from 1st grade through 8th. It got interesting when we reached 5th grade and many of us began puberty. It wasn't uncommon for some of the boys to get boners at the urinal as the teacher looked on.

So, if you grow up that it's normal to pee with the door open, or in front of other family members or teachers, it seems strange when someone freaks out because they hear you pee. I live by myself and never shut the door to pee. Most of my male friends and a few female friends don't close the door to pee either. I have learned with time who doesn't mind and who it offends. If I know it bothers someone, I'll shut the door, but if they are in the living room, they will still hear me pee anyway. Many guys are really casual about peeing, and deep down inside, I think that we like people to see and hear us pee. Peeing is one of the cool things about being a guy, and we really like to do it. It shouldn't be a big deal. We all pee!

We had the same at our school a female teacher/staff member would in a way stand over us wile we pee.
At home we did have two bathrooms but had to share with my sister, we did not really lock/shut the door as we're family and if we had to use the bathroom if one off us was in the shower or bath we could,we did not go out off our way to see watch but sometimes you did notice and see.
It was the friends and family's with one bathroom we could not lock/shut the door in case need to use it at the same time.
If we are out and no facilities or just one both male and females would pee together behind a bush or in the one toilet, sometimes just out in the open.
This has carried on into our adult life with us all just walking in and out off each others bathrooms as we like even if someone's using them.
we just don't take any notice it's part off life.
we been in public shower /locker rooms and showered and changed to together with out thinking about and for getting where we are.
it really is no big deal.

sorry for going off subject and long comment.

We just don't care, you say there are family friends so no big deal

Seems to me that maybe they want you to see them? I'd beware if I were you.<br />
<br />
I'm a guy and I certainly don't wanna see anyone in your household peeing. Even if it is a normal bodily function.

I get real irked when I see men peeing outside in public. These guys always say "Well, you just wish it were that easy for you."<br><br />
<br><br />
Actually, no I don't. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should. It is just rude.

they dont care thats why!

They probably just don't care and want you to see them. Pigs! LOL