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so just now i am sitting in my mother's house and she's at work...her boyfriend is on his computer in his room and comes in here and was trying to see the model number on the modem because they told him a long time ago that pretty soon it's not going to work anymore because it's too old...so he's trying to order another one...well..i said i thought thats what you said u had to do a while ago...not thinking anything of it...and he snapped back at me for no reason at all...saying how he can't spend money on little things and blah blah blah...okay and before you guys start saying stuff like oh she must be a money spender spoiled princess whatever...i'm a 23 year old with my own apartment my own car my own job and i do not mooch off people...he for some reason just snapped at me..and i turned around and was like excuse me?? and instead of answering me the jerk just walked away...why are people so rude?? i didnt do a darned thing and he just walked in here and started being mean...what excuse is there for him? none..he was just mean..why?? why are people like that? mean...think before you say things listen to the tone of your voice and how you say things dont just start ranting at the nearest individual because you're having a bad day..
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I visit my mom every weekend to see how she's doing.. if anything is needed to pickup on way there. This weekend is no different. I was talking to mom about her computer re: a message I send to her in error - - I wanted to delete. Dad, who is watching TV in another room, interjects "oh so mrs. perfect finally makes a mistake, to which I reply no I'm not perfect, it just appears that way, we all make mistakes, and he replies, you are so rude". He wasn't even in the conversation between mom and I. He ignores mom when she asks what was that for ?? I don't get why he said it ??

I totally feel you girl--don't worry. I find there's alot of people out there who have a tendency to jump to conclusions and feel attacked. I'm guessing he felt dissapointed in himself for not buying the modem sooner so he felt defensive when you asked. Although that is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for him to jump on you. <br />
Seems like he doesn't have the maturity (although you are younger than him!) to know how to properly handle his emotions. Atleast you have the sense and wisdom he lacks. :)