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so i was txting my x and we was flirting and everything lol and out of nowhere he was like hey can i get your sis number like wtf dude first off she is married secondly she my sister you already was trynna hook up with my cuz well anywase i wouldnt give him her number and he got mad havent talked to him since its been a week and i realy dont wanna talk to him ever again that was so messed up if anyone should of been mad its me i would have gave him any girls num out my phone he wanted as long as she was single but he wants my married sisters number forget him i was all good untill he got mad its not like we go out anymore its just the fact he is going after my family i find that so rude and i realy dont understand why he is doing it
lonelycountrygirl lonelycountrygirl
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2011

A little misogenist in the making. Don't talk to him ever again. That is so disrespectful to you...he's a real looser.

He sounds like an absolute idiot, you'd be better off without him! And he's doing it because he's a stupid, young, selfish boy. He's was just trying to use you to get what he wanted AND how dare he get mad!!