People Suck

I work for a cell phone carrier in a retail store and its amazing the way customers will treat u! They get upset because they dropped their phone in a swimming pool , and you can't replace it for free so they stand there yelling at you, calling you names, etc it's absurd! It seems to be even worse with children these days. When I was little, if I talked back or acted snotty, i got smacked and put in my place. The other day I was in Walmart and a teenage girl was acting like a whiney little brat because she wanted something. Her mother told her no and the girl started swearing and calling her mom names. My mom would have flat smacked me and left me standing there. lol Somtimes I think this world is just in a downward spiral because of rude people.

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People who wont let you exit an elevator before they try to get on. I mean where are we suppose to go. Climb the walls of the life? I find this really rude.

It seems to be a feature of every generation that their predecessors don't think highly of them. Reading that story, it's easy to see why.<br />
But, just to give you all hope for the future of society, I'm a respectful kid. <br />
*gasps from the assembled audience*<br />
Don't worry. We'll turn out okay.

some ppl always wants sumin for free

I agree, people on a whole are ruder these days. It's as if with the advance of technology and time we have lost the gene that caused prior generations to have control over negative comments and actions. Now, we see more and more often people who are angry, smart mouthed and downright disrespectful feeling as if the world owes them and not the other way around.

Wow that poor little girl. She's already doomed to be a sl*t. I agree. WTF is wrong with that mother???

I got spanked as a child and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I think it's wrong to use a belt to hit your kids, but nothing is wrong with a good old fashioned spanking.

What most people don't understand is that you don't need to be whipping a child in order to discipline them ... <br />
<br />
The secret in proper discipline lies in respect ... sometimes it is easy for parents to disrespect children, making it easy for children to disrespect parents ... <br />
<br />
You teach through your actions.

Good for you MiseducatedChik, a pity more parents did no feel that way.

Children nowadays do not seem to have respect for anyone, and parents have no power to punish them. It worries me to think that todays kids will be bringing up a future generation one day.

i agree with seem to get away with so much these days. parent seem to be afraid to parent for fear their kids will say they're being abused.<br />
<br />
as for ur job....i'm afraid ur always gonna have 2 deal with those a**holes!