Realtor Person Didn't Like Me

Mom and I stopped to look at a duplex home on the way back from grocery shopping. She was looking for a place to buy for my brother and girlfriend. I look around and I am fascinated by old homes and how things used to look so I started asking if things are original like the bath tub and the bathroom cabinets. Then I look at the flyers she has for the home and then she takes them from me and turns them upside down telling me she needs to fix the prices on them all. I pick up other flyers and she takes them out of my hand and turns them upside down again. I got the hint she didn't want me looking at them so I leave them. Then later on, my mother decides to sign the guestbook and then I start to touch it to feel it and she tells me to not touch her book. I asked her why and she said my mom and I live together so I don't need to sign it too and she likes to keep peoples information private. Mom and her keep talking and the lady just ignores my questions and then when I go out to the car because mom and I were leaving, the realtor had the nerve to ask my mother "Will she get lost?" My mom told her "Of course not."

Then at home, I over heard my mother talking to my dad and she mentions how "rude" this person was to me and how she is not buying from her and she will be telling another realtor we know who they are friends with about this lady. Mom told my dad how she treated me and the lady was wondering what was the matter with me, what's wrong with me and my dad suggested I probbaly asked too many questions and she didn't like it. My mom just labeled her as weird and strange and rude. She didn't like how she treated me.

I felt a little upset about the whole thing. It was a nice home but my mother won't be buying it. From the sound of it, she didn't like me so she treated me different and treated my mother well. Good thing I just started playing my game while she and her chatted about the home and the neighborhood. I am not sure what I did wrong for her to feel to treat me that way.
girlwithanxiety girlwithanxiety
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2013