Some People Are Just Rude!

This Sunday we went to a store that sells clothes that have a small defect like the tag does not reflect the right size, etc. My husband works delivering all sorts of things for pool construction, also chemicals, so he needs cheap jeans that he can ruin without a problem. :) Either way we were at the store and the lines were incredibly long, and in front of the person that was before me was a family which were buying tons of stuff, so my husband decided to go make another line, just in case this one took longer than we thought. When the family left I told him to just come back that we will be next, since he was on the line next to me he just began walking to me. The person behind him looked at him and instead of asking nicely he screams at my husband “Are you in the line or what?” that was enough my husband has Asthma and he has been spraying himself while he was on the line since there was no AC in the store. So he came back and said very courteous but direct “What is your problem sir? Why can’t you asked nicely Sir are you going to the other line?” and gets back on the line, now the man says “what now you are going to cut in front of me” my husband turned around and said “No sir I was just walking around and came back” the man “Well you left the line and who leaves looses his place” My husband “no sir” and the man says rudely “If you have a problem we can fix it outside” now my husband laughs even harder and stays in the line. Now the man’s trashed woman or wife gets behind him and tells him calm down and starts saying very disrespectful to my husband “You left the line, now you are making a problem by cutting in the line blah blah…” now my husband is not going to answer her anything because she is a woman and he is very old school in that, but that got me infuriated enough to turn to both the and tell them “The problem is that if he wouldn’t have been disrespectful and asked in a different way that wouldn’t have been his reaction” that got them both to shut up. But then a very nice lady that had been in front of my husband in the line said, “What is the problem? Are you making a line here and your wife over there?” my husband says “Yes mam’” and the man says “Yeah that’s what they’re trying to do” so the lady turn to him “if you would have asked him if he had left the line it would have been fine” the man “that’s what I said” and the lady “no you did not say it that way, you were disrespectful and that is what brought his attitude out” my husband says to here laughing “yes that is the problem if he would have asked nicely I would have told him yes, cause that’s what I was doing leaving” and the man once again says “If you have a problem we can fix it outside” now my husband laughs directly on his face, turns around and continues to speak with the lady that keeps telling the other guy how rude he is.

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1 Response Jul 6, 2009

Jeez. I didn't know adults cared about the littlest things. Well im a teenager who attend highskool and there are more ruder things i've encountered than that. I guess everyones different and they were raised differently.