I To Wonder Why Some People Thrive On The Pain Of Others

 I to wonder the same....how can people be so ignorant and cruel, selfish and empty to thrive on pain of others? my father was one of them, along with a few other family members......

 I think people have a sick mind, and fighting their own demons inside, so they take it out on people, that is how they deal with their onw crap, gets them off in a sick way. They have no souls and no heart, what ever made them that way, people around them suffer!!

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I agree. I am being treated like this by a "best friend" who made something up in her head to replace reality. I don't get it.

My entire family is like this! They're not happy, unless I'm so down, that I literally shut down. I cried for years about this, sometimes I still do. People like this have nothing going on in their lives, so they bring others down.