I Really Can't Stand It!

It's ubearable!

Mostly because I love those children. And I feel with them. My sympathy is great.

Foremost because I know exactly how it's like. Second, because I've seen kids suffering from it. And lastly, because children I care about are still hurt.

I really, sincerely wish that I could take all their suffering on me, and just simply... stop their hurt!

There are specially two poeple I want to protect from the suffering. Unfortunately, it's way too late for bot of them.. But I still wish I could have done something to change that. One of them is my sister. Halfsister. Younger halfsister. I wasn't allowed to be with her when she went through those times. I wish it was different.

The other one is a boy I've got to know through some friends. He's a year younger than me, and for some insane reason; I feel the need to protect him! It's more like an urge, an unsatisfied need. I want to protect him from everything bad, anything that can hurt him. I want to just... fold my arms over his soul, and prevent any harm that is to be done to it. Like he was a younger brother I've never met. Strange feeling, though.

And I hate his parents for letting these things happen to him. Strongly.
A fierce hatred, really. I disapprove of their parenting. If I were in any way capable of adopting and taking care of him, I wouldn't hesitate to do so! Not for a second, not for a minute!

OleMona OleMona
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2009