My Girls....

I have four awesome daughters and I worry about their perception of a marriage.  My girls are ages 26, 21, 17, and 10.  The one I worry about the most is our 10 year old who constantly hears from her father the words "Your Mom can't ......"  or "If your Mom would ......."  That to me is worse than anything he does to hurt me.  I can say with total truthfulness that I have never stooped that low.  I cannot in a million years understand it.  His parents weren't like that and mine certainly weren't.  To use a child to get back at a spouse or loved one is despicable and abuse in my thinking.  My marriage of 27+ years is and has been for about 20 years a sham.  That still does not mean you say those things to a child within ear shot of the other parent!  I am so looking for the day I can get him to leave or me.  I want to stay here in MY house and my daughter LOVES her school here and why should I leave.  He has been rude, mean, uncaring, unloving, and pissed at me for so long I cannot even remember being in love or loving him.  I will never wish I didn't have my girls but he is really making the last one pay for something HE thinks I  should pay for.  How stupid.  The rest of my story I have put a link to as it seems dumb to keep writing the same thing.

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Mar 27, 2010