Why? Why? Why?

I do wonder this often! I know that too much of something is never a good thing... And with some things, like smoking, even in moderation it's bad for you. But why? How come all the fun things in life is so bad for ones health? It doesn't seem fair! :-/

Like drinking... even in moderation, it kills the liver. And with coffee, caffeine isn't good for a person, even in small doses... and even if you decide to pig-out once in a while, on that lovely chocolate dessert, you'll gain weight! It's SO unfair! :-(

I do enjoy smoking cigs! It's fun and it relaxes me. But it's so bad for me and I'm forced to quit. And I love coffee... but I'm only allowed to have one cup a day, orders from my doctors... yet, they say it's still bad for me and would like me to quit it altogether! And then I tried turning to sweets... now I have a few unwanted pounds on me! ACK! :-o

The only thing that is fun and a person can have a lot of is one pleasure... you know what. Hehe! *nudge-nudge, wink-wink* But, I'm waiting to be told that too much of that is bad for ones health too! What is good for a person??? Everything seems to be bad! But it's so much fun! =p

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

...*smiles and laughs*...i agree...im a sweets maniac^^...

I so hear you!! The coffee, alcohol -- and the nudge nudge wink wink -- yeah. I REALLY CAN NOT give that up. OK - take my chocolate - and the sweets, but I MUST have this -- or mizzblue will be ONE bitchy lady grrrrr .... :)