So me men are just weird maybe a bit perverted hell maybe alot perverted. They ask for a womans panties so they can feel them in their hands dreaming about having you in them then when the finally is about to erupt they put them to their nose so they can smell your fragrance. Unfortunately these poor souls will never come within a thousand miles of ever seeing you let alone getting into your panties.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Some of them probably did want to wear them to help them get turned on. Womens panties back years ago did feel better than our old tidy whiteys and I often wondered why they did`nt make them for men.

I wondered if they wanted to wear them. I mean I have given my panties to someone I was intimate with in my real life but never anyone I didn't know. I guess what you say makes sense because I offered to buy some of them a pair and they declined. And you are right that they wanted me to wear them first.