The Mystique Of Womens Panties

  Why do men seem obsessed with womens panties, not new but used and not washed after their owner wore them. I wore a womans panty one time but did not keep it or use it for arousal but they did feel good unfortunately this was back when all the men had tidy whiteys or boxers. I imagine that some men just enjoy the feel of them but I believe that most men enjoy wearing them, rubbing them over their body, smelling the aroma of used panties to heighten their arousal or wearing them to get aroused to the point of climax. If a lady asked me to wear them for her of course I would maybe that arouses her or during the act of love making she grabs her panties and rubs my face with them I admit that it could be a great turn on. I love the aroma and taste of a woman so smelling her panties would just be part of  making total love to a woman.
  I love sliding my hand up under her skirt and feeling her wet panties and when I ask her why she just smiles. Her panties pressing into her valley getting wetter with her fur sticking out the sides is totally erotic and then feeling her fingers down there rubbing herself then sliding up inside her. Her fingers dig deep getting covered with her juices then caressing her own **** is mind boggling. Then she ******* all over her hand lifting it to my mouth letting me lick her hand and fingers clean tasting her delicious nectar. There is nothing more arousing that a hot wet woman.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
May 25, 2012