I Wonder Why We Have Expectations...

is it a reason to ponder life? It may be. It's certaintly a reason to study the human behaviour and its patterns.

Let's adress this question, shall we?

Why do you want your laundry cleaned?
Why don't you want to live in a park on Main Street?
Why do you brush your teeth?
Why do you  expect your children to listen closely to you?
Why do you want others to notice your existence?

The answer to these questions, in my opinion, are one of the same.

It's because that's how you were taught.

You were taught about filth. You were taught the benefits of using your voice. You were taught that a parent is to be respected.

You were taught. See, who we are is based on the decisions of those around us. People may say that it's your choice to choose how you live, but I don't agree. We are taught how we should live.

A mother and son live in the same house as an abusive man. They live in a old, run down, broken house. Tell me, when the boy is 30, will he live in a broken, shabby house?

No. He won't. Why? Because he was taught about filth.
 :D Will he be kind? Maybe. Because he was taught about pain and suffering. He'll most likely be someone who wants to lead, because he was taught about the benefits of power and the consequences of being weak.

Are expectations enough to ponder about life? I don't think so. But of course, this is my opinion. 

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Jul 13, 2010