I Wonder Why!!!

i always wonder why, with certain things in life, we have to wait until something gets way out of control, before we do anything about it!!! i mean, i give you a few examples!! drugs: at the moment, drugs abuse is on the rise, especially among young people, so why do we get some people in the news and so on, trying to get certain drugs downgraded from class a to a class b!!! whats the point, if that happens, then surely thats sending out the wrong example to youngsters, and they say that certain drugs cause less fatalities each year than alcohol, but alcohol is much more widely available!!! and if these drugs became more widely available, then they would be easier to get, and therefore you would get more fatalities!!!!

alcohol: we have had a problem with alcohol, especially here in the uk, for god knows how long, so how is it that the cost of alcohol is getting cheaper and cheaper, and only today did they announce in scotland that they would be setting a minimum sale price for all alcohol sold in scotland, to try and cut down on the problems that we face, cos of alcohol nowadays!!! a law like that should have been brought in years ago!!!

cigarettes: a couple of years ago in scotland, they brought in the smoking ban, prohibbiting people from smoking in public places, cos they said they had been struggling to cope for a number of years, with the number of smoking related illnesses that people were getting diagnosed with on the public health service (nhs) why did they not do something like that sooner, if they've known for years and years that smoking causes cancer!!!

gambling: as an ex gambler myself, this one really gets to me!!! people are saying nowadays that gambling is not an addiction, its just a game of chance!!! but i beg to differ!!! i have been there, done that and got the tshirt!!! gambling is a problem for so many people, wether it be fruit machines, poker, black jack or even the national lottery and scratch cards or even bingo!! and yet what do the brittish government go and do? they go ahead with plans to allow the advertising of gambling on the tv, and now all we seem to get on the tv nowadays is bingo advert after bingo advert, followed by an advert for a betting shop or something!!! and i can guarantee that in a few years time, the government will be introducing plans to tackle gambling problems in the uk!!!

as the story goes!!! why do we have to let things get out of hand, before we decide to do something about it? why why why?

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

exactly!!! i always keep wondering whats going on myself!!! i just dont understand!!!

I'm so on your wave-length! This applies to everything! We, the ordinary citizen, can see a sensible, inexpensive, easy way out for so many of the societal, environmental, whatever problems, and nobody in "charge" does! What's going on?