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Hard Question For Me To Understand.

I grew up with 2 older sisters and my mother. My sisters dressed me as a girl since I was 5 and my mother continued dressing me. I've basically grown up in a female tradition. Never really knowing what the male part was fully like. I consider myself female but I'm male by birth. I'm really stuck between both genders not by choice, but by upbringing. So I can't honestly say I'd like to be a girl, because I consider myself one.Or that  I'd like to be a guy, because I was born one. Woud I like to be totally female, yes.
femboy4u femboy4u 22-25 7 Responses May 5, 2011

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I wish I was you I had my sisters pass me downs

i just wish i had your childhood

Hey girlfriend, you're still young enough to do it and enjoy it. Go for it.

Since I know that all humans are genetically both male and female but physically are but one gender. I feel it is how you feel about yourself. I too grew up wearing dresses and things. However it was never a sexual thing. I am not gay but accept them for who they are. This is the same way for color or nationality. I learned a lot of being a girl and being a boy. For myself I have rejected some of each and accepted some of each, a blending of sorts. Today I do wear skirts and feel just as comfortable wearing them in male mode. I have no urge to transition to either side as both have their advantages and disadvantages. So what I am saying just be who you are, accept yourself as you are.

The answer surely has to be to be true to yourself, and if that's to be neither gender or both, that's fine. Some feel the need to be one or the other, but it isn't necessary, even if it's awkward for a social bureaucracy who want you to say which you are. But if the dysphoria or identity is too strong, then transitioning is a proper resolution too.

I really don't understand this. i was born a male,but my gender is fem. I really would not like to be female. but I really love being a sissy. To me it is the best of both.

Then if possible live life how you are.