I Know It's Possible!

After failing in the traditional "Sex change" I have been seeking alternatives. My plan is to astrol project and "walk out" of this male body and "walk in" to the the body of a female suicide.
For ethical reasons I would choose a vessle between the ages of 18 and 22.
Finesh high school, but has'nt started college.
No longer a dependant minor, but has'nt yet started a family or a career.
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

How would.this be possible meaning how could I try

Good luck. I've just started trying to astral project whit this very plan in mind (cant even leave my body yet). If/When you do this could you share, I really want to know if it's possible

And you know personally of someone actually being able to do this?

I've heard of walk ins, I've seen people act like they have done this.
Mabey I'll be the first!

I wish you much luck!

You should do the same! The truth is being a tranny is hell on earth, there MUST another way to do this. I'm not doing this for just myself, but to help others in the same situation.