Oh Yes

I am currently in the process of doing just that. Not surgically, but I have been feminizing myself for the past month. I am 60 years old and a lifelong crossdresser. I live alone and am pretty lonely. I discovered EP about a month and a half ago and got hooked. I have a circle of 25 friends and they all support me. I pussh myself every day to try new things. I joined TriEss, a national association for heterosexual crossdressers and attended my first meeting las Saturday night. I spent six hours wearing my red skirt suit with a white blouseI and all the right accessories. It was wonderful chatting with my new girlfriends and I even decided to drive home en femme. I didn't and don't care if the neighbors saw me. I have big plans for Halloween and beyond. I look at this as my new life.
PinksWoman PinksWoman
61-65, T
Sep 18, 2012