Idont Know, I Do Know I Would Become And Dont Know That Im Not

as a child (if youre born with external genitalia) your told that you ARE a man and then your told WHAT it means to be a man. youre not just told verbally about the finer points of masculinity, but your shown. youre shown by the way people greet and treat you, and the expectations of sociable cooperation in a specific masculine way. ive spent my life wondering why im not allowed to express myself and when others would reckognize me. i think i 'came out' . when my father asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up, i said " i want to be appearing as a woman". after many beatings and psychological harassments; he evidently concluded that i was to be a man , and i thought he was insinuating that i would merely be pretending to be a man right then. in school when it seemed i had the aspect, opinions, feelings, and behavior of a girl. i was asked do you want to be treated like a girl, my response was and is always ok yes. for this act of honesty there is only retribution (verbal, emotional, and physical). until you perform the perfunctory act of saying 'i dont mean it' ; so that you can admit the truth and be honest (yes i meant that in every dark and twisted way). but also, I DID MEAN IT. masculinity is the most unnatural act in the world.i dont WANT to be a woman i was born KNOWING i was a woman and would want everyone RECKOGNISE that. until then ill just keep slowly changing my wardrobe. and not really participating in society.

marlobutterfly marlobutterfly
Dec 5, 2012