Gender Switch Surgery?

Would anyone be interested in a 'Gender Switch Surgery? Does anyone know any doctors, surgeons or anyone that would help with the development of such an operation?

I have written a paper on one such surgery that I would like real help with in seeing if it is possible even if just a little.

Sorry I need to clarify better, This is not gender reassignment surgery like so many others do. This is a true Gender switch to allow men to get women pregnant and for women to be able to get pregnant. 

Again sorry for the confusion.
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I'm as close as anyone can be to being a different gender. No, I think I like just looking and acting like a girl. I do everything a girl does now so I why give that all up for going in debt changing everything.

i would

There is a clinic in Trinidad, Colorado that is a leader in reassignment surgery, You can read about them on their web site:

Sorry for the confusing post, This is not a gender reassignment surgery. It is a true gender switch surgery.

Doctors are still working on transplants of reproductive organs, I would love to volunteer to be the first recipient. Even at my age I would love to experience pregnancy and childbirth

There is an experimental surgery called a uterul transplant available to G-girls how have been born without a uterus. I have written a paper trying to get some doctors to try it out but have been stoned walled every step of the way.

Best of luck to you girlfriend, I would follow your example if I could, but I am too old for any surgeries.

The best I can figure is that prejudice has every thing to do with it. TG are considered out cast, freaks and just simply beyond the normals understanding. As for the surgery you talked above was a case of organ rejection. physiologically there is very little difference between males and females. In my research I found there is a small part that determined metal gender. In those that had Gender Dysphoria and natural born girls there was no difference in the brain as there was for those that were very masculine.

My surgery uses gene therapy as a way to prevent organ rejection. I did so much research on this I have been told the surgery was written by a medical student right out of school. It is on the net and available for the review by any who want to read it.

That is no longer true. There is a national mandate in the VA hospital system now to support TG veterans. I belong to a TG vets support group here in Minneapolis and there are a few more around the country. For once the VA is being proactive.

Do that, It is very comforting to know the government is being so proactive

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