I'd like to be a guy sometimes, but I also don't want to leave behind all of the great things about being a girl. As a guy I want to be able to dress easily and not have to worry about my body, specifically boobs and whether or not I've shaved or when y period's coming or how to style my hair, and I would be more social because guys are easy to hang out with and girls are even easier and it's way easier, I think, for a guy to get a girlfriend in a respectable manner than vice versa. There are so many chicks I would date if I were I guy. I would wear suspenders and boxers and suits and I'd go shirtless and work out and play sports and flirt with girls and love them and hang with the guys and eat everything and be young and reckless. But unfortunately, I'm a girl and I can't do any of that properly.
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For the most part you can do many of the things guys do, just by being yourself, and not pressuring yourself. which can put on you by others and yourself. But there is something beneficial to actually being that opposite gender in the way others treat you. I know if I were actually a cis women my mind would be more comfortable by the way others would see and treat me. I'm not comfortable being treated like a guy and expected to be guy things. This is one reason I think we have to stop looking first at a persons sex and look at their uniqueness of personality

I would love to swap lives with a woman for a while