Emotions are amazing.  I stopped to think about them today...why do we have them....what purpose do they fill...do they help to further the human race?

Without them life would be less complicated, a lot less enjoyable, but without a lot less hurt, worry and suffering too.  Where along our evolution did it become an advantage to have emotions?  

I've been along an emotional rollercoaster this week from the highest of highs to the lowests of lows...some changing, all in the matter of hours.  It certainly has made my life thrilling...if that's the right word.   The great thing has been that when on a high it just seems to get better and better...I just couldn't seem to see the top of the peak...but with the lows....there was definitely has an end point...rock bottom is rock bottom.

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6 Responses Jun 5, 2010

i just searched Wikipedia, one school said emotions are to keep us safe :)<br />
your question just tickles my brain, thanks WG ^ ^

Yes, but what about simple organisms...the sort that we evolved from...algae etc...where along the journey did it become advantageous to have emotions? I don't expect an answer...Just something I ponder from time to time.

elephants cry, horses too, dogs, cows when they are brought to slaughter house,<br />
i read about a plant that reacted to the boiling of a crab..<br />
is this a clue, WG??

Yes, I love my emotions too ULMU. Wouldn't life be dull without them. What I was getting at was...why did we evolve emotions unlike other organisms...do they come hand in hand with intelligence? Hmmmmm.

i never thought of emotions as something in purpose :) <br />
rather to have it in effect of something...<br />
talking about emotions rollercoaster, to reduce its "hard effect" of i would only "stare" at my emotions, accept it and let it go :)<br />
my housemate used to say, when we laugh so hard one day, another day we'll find ourselves cry the same hard ^ ^<br />
but i love emotion to its extreme, it colors my days lol

lol...so true...but there was a time in my life when if felt like I couldn't get back up again...and not for lack of trying...and actually when I think about it...the trough did seem never ending at the time..<br />
<br />
But you are right, this week those pointy bits jabbed me and shocked me in to dusting myself off and leaping right back up again. :)