Whatever Will Be

Some years ago, when i was sad and lonely (kind of feeling that i'd have when many people were around but felt like nobody could relate to my feelings), i was asking myself what will it be the same date of the next year, what will be my feeling that day??

And it turned out amazing, that's what i remember now... and this experience gave me a lesson of never to get down by one moment or by any feeling..

Now, again today, i ask the same question to me, i wonder what it will be the same date the next year, what will be my feeling that day?? ^^,
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

thank you aces4battle! ^^,<br />
i am glad you comment here, now and then, a reminder is always as good as knowing it the first time :)

And God said something like, don't worry about tomorrow for you have enough on your plate today. It is okay to dream about tomorrow or ten years down the path, but be flexible. If your path change ask why and is it necessary. Also, realizing your feeling and working with it is okay, especially if the result is positive. Later, when the same similar feeling hit, you know how to change it to positive. this is called learned knowledge and experience for the long path in life.