From Germ-phobia To Doggie's Love

I wonder how long it will take to erase the effect of a traumatized experience??

Yesterday i watched the Monk serial, a restrained police detective who got a lot of phobias including germ-phobia....

In that episode i watched, he started to open his heart to a dog though under strict treatment lol like he would wear gloves to caress the dog, or he would cover all his stuff possible to the dog's touching like his couch, table....

but in the end of the episode, when he gave up the dog to a loving family who liked to adopt that dog's puppies (five in all), he finally took of one glove and pat the dog's temple with love... aww i was sooooo touched!

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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Love soothe the pain :)

I love Monk, love conquers all.

i always love his stories Fas.. ^^, if people would call people like Monk not so normal person, in the end they might see themselves in all his fears/phobias.. i do see myself :)

Wonderful insight. :)