Wonder Some Times

I have been reminded that some times no matter how good a person's intentions are, they are not always what you hope them to be. I have been talking with a friend trying to convince that what was said to me and about me is not true. It has alot to do with trust. The thing is I admire this person very much so and with that keep banging my head against the wall trying to say look I know that trust needs to be earned, yet I can't accept that I can't be trusted when i had not broken that trust in the first place. Sure you will get opinions of others and when things are said, no matter how well and how good you are to others, one negetive response can wash all of that away. How do you go up against somthing like this? prove them wrong by your own actions, your inactions will only confirm what has been said. This friend that I truly care about, I would walk through fire for and this person knows who I am talking about. It is my hope that within time things will come to light. As most of you who know me, know that I do value friendship above all else and that what ever is said to me stays with me and to no one else.

All I ask of you is please try and beleive in me and yourself, be youself and be honest with yourself as i try each and every day.

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No one expects you to erase the lessons of the past Unique, I can understand why you take the time to wait and know the person first. Let them earn that trust. But where I come from,I am willing to give them the chance, every one has good intentions.

I am the type of person where you'll need to earn my trust. I used to trust first and then over the years have been sorry. Very very sorry. So now it takes someone a long time before I'll trust. That's just the way it is for me. Some people don't want to make the effort and I can understand that; yet, I can't erase what I have learned from my past.

well the feeling i mutual Bonnie, thank you

tats just it, a misunderstanding freom reading or being asked to read could lead to some real embaraassing moments

miscommunication always spells misunderstanding...it does happen all the time even if you have good intentions. It happened to me and it broke my heart. Resistance from someone implies unfair attitude.. I don't insist too much.

thank you for your comment kitten