I Wonder If Anyone Ever Tells The Truth Anymore?

Sorry to disappoint all of you, but I am so far from perfect, it is not even funny. However, one quality I do possess is I know how to tell the truth. I also know when I've lied.

The truth: when I love someone, I love only them, none others, and I don't ever break that sacred promise. I'm passionate and I will love them forever, giving them 100% of myself: my love, my dedication, and yes my body. If they leave me for another or refuse to love me anymore, than the promise -- ever so sacred -- is broken forever. They have lied. They have broken my heart and torn it in two.

The internet is both good and bad. However, for liars, it's a dream come true. They can tell you anything, they can be anything, they can express the character of anyone they want to be, they can share similar philosophies, and yes, they can even admit to having similar moral values. The person on the other end of the screen -- that ever-so-trusting, passionate, vulnerable reader -- wants to believe them, wants to help them, and yes, wants to believe that they would never, ever lie to her.

The liar: when I lie, I know exactly what I'm doing. I know right from wrong. For instance, I hate McDonald's. Besides their sweet tea and Coke, I see no reason for existence of this restaurant; however, when my son was much younger, he used to beg to go to McDonald's with the Playplace. Ahhhhhh........the Playplace, an infectious disease-controlled area if there's ever been one. Slobbering babies, sweaty kids, running noses wiped on the toys all over..............yes, your child is entering a path of live viruses ready to attack! And yes, we, as noble parents, have all given in to this childhood must-do! After all, our kids deserve the best.

Well, well, several times, I must admit to everyone, I was less than the perfect mom. I lied. My son could pronounce the word McDonald's at I swear 9 months old! (A true sign of how advertising really works!) Anyway, the thought of going there just made me sick. So, the renovations at our nearby McDonald's and their limited hours became quite inconvenient. It was amazing how many times they were "closed due to renovations -- then, I'd have to explain what renovatons were -- or they were closed -- and it would be 2 p.m. in the afternoon!

My lying ways were blown when his father one day took him to McDonald's. As he started to turn in, my son asked: "But daddy, isn't it closed for renovations?" I was a liar and now caught red-handed. Of course, my son's dad questioned me about the "renovation progress" at McDonald's! I just laughed and felt guilty as can be............he knew I hated the place and he knew I had been lying.

So in today's world of the Internet, does anyone know the difference between truth and and lying? I know the truth: it's factual, you can prove it, either through documentation or through actions, and it's real. You have nothing to hide when you tell the truth. When you lie, if you're truthful, you know exactly what you're doing. I hate McDonald's. I lied. I knew what I was doing. I felt guilty before I was even caught. I felt worse when I was caught! I made no excuse, I knew I was guilt, and yes, I felt remorse.

Lesson: I am too trusting. I believe that most people, in general, tell the truth. I'm beginning to think that I'm wrong.............most people believe it's easier to lie, I guess. Lying must come so easy to them that it's just a natural course of nature. You lie just as you brush your teeth.

Stop brushing your teeth. Grow plaque. Have bad breath. The rest of us will be better off.  And you won't hurt us. I'm sick of being hurt by liars.

I believe I've lost everything now....................lies have destroyed my entire life.

trappedwithoutbars trappedwithoutbars
46-50, F
Aug 7, 2010