God Wants Us To Learn...??

Last week my brother said things about that whatever you do, you need luck.

I, in the other hand, think that there is no such good or bad luck. We do whatever right to do, and let things happened according to that. Though some of times I may say to others "Good luck", what I mean will be "I hope you'll be successful in what you do".

There was a story of a farmer who got a son. The story went somewhat like this: The son got a beautiful, wild horse into their backyard, and the whole village would acclaim "Oh, how lucky you are!" Then this farmer's son tried to tame the horse and he fell from the horse's back getting his legs broken, and the whole village came again and said "Oh, poor kid!" Later, war was happened in their country and ever young man got to be enlisted as soldiers to defend their country, but because of his broken legs the farmer's son didn't have to join the army. The whole village said in envy, "Oh, how lucky you are! Everybody has to go to fight the war and you can enjoy your life here!"

To whatever the whole village said, the farmer would only comment, "Either lucky or not, I don't know." :) :) :)

People tend to react on something without really understanding the whole picture. I am like that now and then. And this causes suffering in my heart.
This morning I was washing my clothes, and wondered if God, after created us, chose to "keep silent" so that we as human who could be stubborn all the time can learn by ourselves how things are going.... That we'll learn what is essential to live.

I don't have all so-called good cards to play, but I am happy to be part of the "big picture" I don't fully understand now ^^,

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I will also eat a head.. will you send me a coco with rum please.. (for my digestion) I'll also send you my address.. ^^,

LOL i love ya Midori for such a good advice and always making me laugh!! ^^, *call Jackie to hire you back to the team*

lol are u one of that Public Relation team, Mido?? hehe guess sometimes no comment response would cause continuing interest in press room hehe <br />
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Go study!!! Don't just guess your answer on the quizz!!! Better leave the class right away if u don't feel like to learn anything hehehehe

wow. I got another great idea from you. Yehey! Yehey! Sometimes, we also need luck (like in answering a multiple choice question that I don't know ^^,). But I also do not fully understand these things. I just know how to sing the eeny meeny miny mo song in case I have to guess another answer.

Anytime Midori :)<br />
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I am blessed to have you as my friend here! ^^, (you are not like that horse that made that boy fell from its back, are you?? hehehe)