A Dark Life

I watched an episode of Criminal Mind today which there was a paedophile... and I remember the movie Lovely Bones where a paedophile kidnapped, raped and killed his victims.

By watching that Lovely Bones, I realized how lonely was the life of a paedophile... and very dark one.... The evil act made me shuddered, but how lonely and dark his life, it made me shuddered even more....

I wonder why someone would be a paedophile??
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Thank you truthseekr for sharing your thought here, it's actually hard for me to really understand how such molesters do what they do.... It's just shuddering when we try to see deeper into their life....

I have always considered that those 'child molesters' had to be non-humans, like beings from another world disguised as humans... I would find it really difficult to forgive people who sexually abuse children and especially babies - the innocents of the world... a child's life is contaminated for the rest of their lives when preyed upon by those people - there are very few children who are able to grow into adulthood who have not been affected in an adverse way... for those who 'survived' and managed to turn their lives around I give them my deepest respect and heartfelt embrace...

don't forget in most cases when a child is sexually abused by their own family member is even harder to find out about it, the first thing that come to their minds is "it was their fault' and don't talk with nobody about it, plus the family member probably put fear on them wich makes it worse, a child's mind can be easily manipulated by people like that and they know what they are doing

i guess, since the ********** seems not to be able to help themselves, the focus of action should be on warning the children of those people's existence, also for adults to watch their little ones closer even amid the relatives and friends....

in other words child molester

I'm assuming they probably had a terrible childhood or has something to do with the past but that doesn't mean they have to mess up someone's life or make someone pay for what happened to them


Hmm, I am sorry about the link to Wikipedia, that word in stars is the word for the subject of this story

This is from Wikipedia:<br />
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they are too stupid to get somebody their own age and able to decide what they want. they were prob abused as kids themselves and they should all be killed **** all you who ruin a child they never forget and they will hate you forever.