Rev Or Reverse

I wonder how far someone has driven in reverse gear without any incidents (auto).
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Yo, Alex! Until the rearview mirror breaks! lol. But seriously, I drive really well backwards! Scored high on that part of my test. And it's a wonder... cause I was sooo nervous, my sweaty palm slipped off the back of the seat and hit the trooper in the back of the head! ROFL! You all shoulda seen the horror on my face as He straightened his jug hat back onto his head, and told me calmlt to Proceed! =}

about 7 years.

I've traveled many miles sitting in the passenger seat and steering with my left hand, but I have no plans to take on this very interesting riddle of yours. Funny things happen to steering when you're going backwards - and what about traffic?