Whats With Ep and All the Scientology and Dianetics Adds

I keep seeing these adds , dont get me wrong I understand they gotta get money somehow but why are they going with scientology and dianetics... seems odd to me. Some sort of cosmic cult thing going on here or what..

deftone deftone
26-30, M
3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I noticed that too. I'm not drinkin' the Koolaid either! (Now a margarita, on the other hand, frozen & without salt.....)

Ahh ha... I see. Well either way it freaks me out. Ill be honest. All cards on the table im weirded out. Just to let you know im not going to drink any cyonide laced koolaid and wait for a magic E.P comet... im just sayin.No hard feelings or whatever ... I mean, I dont even like tom cruise

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