After All These Years

I am one of those people who wears my heart on my sleeve.  I live passionatley and I love passionatley.  A dying breed I believe....

Many years ago when I was a young teen I met the most awesome man.  He was the salt of the earth and I worshipped the ground he walked on.  He made me feel good, we had a cosmic connection and we were virtually "made for each other".  Sadly after four years he "outgrew" me (or at least that was my reasoning) and moved on to the girl that he was to marry, divorce and remarried again!  The funny thing though is every now and then he calls me, tried to contact me, invites me for coffee.  Even though I moved to a new country he appeared one day out of the blue to catch up and see how I was doing.

The thing is ........ is he geuninely concerned about me?  Is he just "checking" in or perhaps he is feeling remorseful about letting me go?  it's been almost 20 years now and every now and then I get an email, a visit, a call..... weird, really makes me wonder.


whereismyprince whereismyprince
Mar 2, 2009