Where Will I Go?

I don't plan to stay on EP forever. I will leave in a couple of years, most likely. I wonder which site will I get lost in next. It will be pretty hard to top EP, that's for sure. ;-)

But I am an net wanderer. I have no idea why... I wonder about that too. It's not that I am attacked or chased away, that has only happened once with Myspace... But for all the other web-communities, I just simply wake up one day and said, I don't feel like logging in. And I never return. Later, I delete my account completely.

And I rarely think of the people I met there or what I had posted. Then again, I didn't meet any cool people in those places, like I have here. So, this is a new experience for me. But, it's not enough for me to stay put for good. :-/

The nice and cool people that I've met have been great! And I know I will be collecting email addys on the day I do leave. ;-)

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Mar 3, 2009