Just Don't!

Don't "fan" me if you top experiences are all about ******* or pee unless you show you can speak civilly first in an email.

Thank you....this is your only warning.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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So if I can show that my intelligence and civility reach reasonable levels we can talk about my hobbies????? (posted with my tongue firmly on my cheek)<br />
andrewpenny It is said that its only now in the 21st century that we spend hours talking to someone 1000's of milea away and haven't said hello to your neighbour yet. Doesn't this make you feel sad?

all i know is i saw something about pervs need not apply and i thought well there goes me :)

*smiles* Why the heck would I do that MSP?

so you aren't deleting me then? WHEW!

Of course, Captain Mac!

You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) xxxxooooo

I don't mind sexual discussion TOCIC, it's the "I want to watch a man f my wife while she pees" people who frustrate me with random adds.