I Don't Want It!

I'm sorry... but I just don't add people with a lot of sexual groups in their profiles. The reason why is this... I just don't trust you types. If you join EP to just talk about sex, fine that's your business. But leave me out of it! My conversations and stories are mainly PG-13, thank you very much. :-/

I may have an dirty mind sometimes... and I do admit I am passionate. BUT, I pretty much keep that my own business. I may have a few people in my circle, who are members of many sex groups on EP. But, they are able to join other groups too. I get a bad feeling, when a person is a member of 106 groups and 100 of those groups are about sex! :-o

It shows a one-track-mind and I rather not add that person. =p

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I totally agree with your story, Shadow. I block these people if they add me.. so far I have only had one perv add me, but I feel bad that they have already seen my circle and I could have brought other members to their attention that they wouldn't otherwise have found.

Stick to your guns and be yourself. I like the sexual stuff too and like to participate in it as well, but each has to do what makes them most comfortable. Good for you!