Good Times And Bad

Growing up in poverty, never really fitting in, having to do most everything for myself on my own along with helping my siblings (2nd oldest of 6), being put in foster care, losing part of my family, home and family never really being the same, falling in love young and being rejected for it, finally finding myself, losing friends in the process, being engaged young, getting away from it all, becoming pregnant young (had her when 19), school complications, marriage problems, my own family nearly falling apart, having a miscarriage, depression and anxiety, no one to go to, falling back in love all over again, the pieces finally starting to come together.

That's just a summary as I don't like to go into detail anymore. It's all in the past and rather than have anxiety about the future I'm now choosing to live in the present. Everything has come full circle and I'm finally stable in myself and my life. I'm ever grateful to my daughter for being my strength when I had none and to my man for loving me unconditionally despite all that we've been through in the near 6 yrs we've had each other in our lives. I am stronger that I've ever been in the person I have developed into and will continue to strive for betterment in my life. I'm confident that one day I'll have all that I've ever wanted in my future with my family by my side and whatever friends I find along the way. Peace and love to all on their path.

*Edit* And I keep moving forward. Alone with my daughter. Stronger than ever. Nothing will get in my way as I push forward this time. I've got this.

MissSunfire MissSunfire
26-30, F
Mar 9, 2010