I Won't

Obviously, I dislike it when people make hurried assumptions about me, take those as unrefutable fact, and base harsh judgment on that.

But I won't make a fuss if you see me act a certain way and call me out on it (assuming we're all trying to stay civilized...) I won't complain that you have an opinion on me. We're all human, we all have a brain, and most of us can't help but form opinions. Fine.

Honestly, I think maybe I've missed something, as a psychology student. I should not judge. I should honestly not judge my future clients in therapy. Perhaps I'll be able to. Though I'm more able to brush aside potentially false judgment, than not to judge at all.

I don't mind if you'll judge me as long as I judge you, and I do. Not in a bad way. Not in an arrogant way, I would hope. Not in a black and white way. But I do and I don't mind if you admit that you judge me too. What does annoy me is when someone makes self-righteous, assuming, offensive statements about others, then goes around saying how s/he doesn't judge people. I'd rather people judged one another and treated one another respectfully.

Honestly, how can we honestly not judge? In our interactions, don't we judge even in order to know what to do next?

naranja naranja
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Time and time again, I have learned not to judge a book by it cover - and there can be WAY more to a situation than meets the eye. Sometimes we simply do not have all the information, and in many situations, we never will, and it may be none of our business anyway. <br />
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It finally dawned on me that judging is simply not my job! I will leave that to a higher power. <br />
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This has been freeing in the extreme to me - just see how things unfold without judging! What fun!!!

wow that's very good naranja...very insightful...i fall into that trap of often at times being self righteous with my proclaimations of not judging others but ultimately how can i not? but there are a class of people who use their judgements to unfairly discriminate or exclude others. i live my life to never ever be one of those ppl...i am a psychology student too and one thing i learnt during my internship is not to pretend that i never judged anyone but to be open with myself (counter-transferential issues) about where and how my judgements were affecting my work with clients. thats the most you can do as a therapist. to pretend you dont judge ppl is impossible in therapy because you see all walks of life...and like i think you said...judgements dont necessarily make one bad. its what we do with those judgements...nice writing....bf.