The Big Lie

This is an interview with Dr. Carol Rosin, who was assistant to Wehrner Von Braun, the famous Nazi Rocket scientist brought to America through operation "Paper Clip" after World War 2. If you think weaponized space is for a threat from space, think again. The only threat that is prevalent is the people of earth taking the elitists power away from them. Think about it, all these weapons are pointed at earth, who are they trying to control? Answer: The people of earth.
    Last census taken in America, some census workers were taking GPS fixes on the front doors of home owners. Drones have been used to fire on targets in Pakistan and other Middle Eastern Countries. It wouldn't be hard to use drones to fire on American targets.

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but we are here

Good to know!! I wish you would be more visible in the public domain so the less intelligent human race could see how a civilized being should act.
No doubt this planet has been visited by alien races who probably see the human race as too destructive to be involved with.