Will Run Before a Man Hurts Me Again

i am the first to admit i'm a pretty mixed up chick. hows that for an opener....lol . I just want to run from my boyfriend before he hurts me. it's not that i think he'll hurt me, but i don't want to be blindsided again. i would rather be the one to say "goodbye" than any guy again. i almost want to break up with him because i feel like i'm getting too close and it's really making me nervous.
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ending relationships out of fear is only serving to hurt yourself by you alone. no one can say what will happen or provide a guarantee but you are fulfilling your own self proclaimed destiny. don't give into that ... it's a weakness. it takes more to stay in a relationship when you fear becoming too close. but you have to follow your gut instinct too. so ... it's up to you in the end what you do or don't do. i wish i had the answers to thsi one. i'd say your fear is rooted in your previous relationships especially the one that was soooooo terrible and that you've not quite healed from the damage caused or you wouldn't be "fearful" ... you might be a bit "protective" of yourself though, which is perfectly acceptable. i wish you luck with this. i'm sure you'll do the right thing.

The truth is, I think, that you are not afraid of being hurt, but you are afraid of the DEPTH of that hurt. After all, every time you tap the space bar, you risk spraining your thumb :P So here's the trick - learn how to make parts of you safe, so that no-one can hurt them. And then IF something bad does happen, it will be a bit worse than a thumb sprain... but it won't be the end of the world. Over time, you can share the protected parts, when you feel you can trust yourself. :) (It's never really about the other person).

you can never escape pain. it is through suffering that we experience "life". Learn to deal with reality.<br />
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i've been hurt many times - in different circumstances.i thought about committing suicide as early as fifth grade but thank God i didn't. <br />
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it is through experiencing pain that makes us stronger, wiser and better people. <br />
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Darlin, who would you be hurting? My running away from a relationship because of what might happen, is to gaurantee failure. If you find you keep choosing the same loser guys, get therapy and find out why.