You Are Welcome To Try

I have made it this far and will see this thing called life through to the end. If i have been able to learn anything good about this life it's that we are whoever we choose to be within, nothing more or less. We can always want to be anything we desire but until humans can exist not in judgment of another we can go only so far as individuals and some further than others.

I won't judge anyone ever and in same will never let you judge me based on my color, creed or for any other reason. You are welcome to try but your effects truly cannot alter my perception of mine own reality thus making me an instant victor in this a never ending battle. In the end i stand before my creator and only then will i kneel to be awarded my fate.
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2 Responses Sep 4, 2010

Your welcome. I call it as I see it. Just because we don't fit into someones "Comfort" zone does not make us any less. Many don't accept me, well that is THEIR issue, I shall go on and I do not live for anyone else. We all get one shot in life and none of us should be subjectated to silly whims of others.<br />
You are who you are--that applies to each and every one of us. We are not cookie cutter images.

Many think they are God and thus have a "right" to judge. They annointed themselves this position. Thing is, they did it themselves and who agrees that they are higher than the rest of us? I must admit I can be amused buy their pompousness. As for those who believe these "Prophets" or whatever they define themselves as are just as foolish to believe in these boobs--they have opinions--not answers.