It seems that there are still those very pitiful people about that think that they have the right to judge others,

Well you certainly have no right to judge me, I will be judged on my final day, and not by one as so insignificant as you.

You too will be judged then on your final day, in the meantime it might be wise to try and live a life that can be judged favourably.

I care for my friends and in particular my daughters, I cry when my friends hurt, and I cry for I miss my daughters.

Of that I am not ashamed, because I know that my heart is true, my emotions are honest and are not there to win the favour of anybody.

If I cry it is because something has touched my heart, and even in happiness or sadness my tears are honest.

I try not to fool you, I try to be honest to you, and when my tears fall they fall because they are real.

If I say I love you, if I say that you are special, I mean it, because in my eyes, everyone one of us is special in their own way.

I am far from perfect, and I have made many mistakes in my life, but I will not be judged for those by you.

I know that I could have been a better son, and a better husband, and although I have tried hard, I probably could be a better father.

But my life is not yet over, and I can still try to be a better son, and I will always be trying to be a better father.

My darling children deserve only the best that I can be, and I will never stop trying to be the best that I can be.

And if I should shed tears along the way, then I will be proud of those tears, as they are shed because of love.

Love being the most noble of our emotions, and you my friends and you don’t have to be in my circle to be my friend, I do love you.

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Sep 9, 2012