Who Are You....really?

Just can't figure out why people have a hard time being straight with one another, do they think they will never be found out? or perhaps they will change before they get caught being something their not, or maybe they just don't care they are trying to fool you to get something from you and later, who cares.such a big waste of energy.what ever happened to what you see is what you get? games can be hurtful and what happens, say you start having feelings for this person you have been basicly lieing to, gee, could cause a big trust issue for later on down the road.If you don't like who you see in your mirror, don't make someone else up, change the person in the mirror, so next time you stand in front of that mirror or infront of another person you will be able to say Hi, I'm---- and really mean it.

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Mox, it's wonderful, I hope I'll always be able to feel the same level of comfort even as our lives move forward and perhaps separate...

Grams, That is what I want - haven't felt that comfortable in years - 10 to be exact. It is something to be cherished and people need to realize it. It is more than special - it is life enhancing to say the least. Mox

I have never been impressed with so called glamour, it's the inner beauty that defines who we are. No amount of veneer can cover a vile person.

Today's society and the stuff on T.V now days it is all about impressing people and being all glamorous, that is why people don't act themselves because in real life people aren't that glamorous.

Your right, some things just are always truths...

Yes it is wonderful to have the level of comfort to be able to speak the truth, as long as their best interest is at hand. I have someone who I have that relationship with, and it is great, I feel as comfortable with him as an ole pair of slippers. And I cherish that, and always will..

Wouldn't it be nice to be at ease with everyone enough to be able to say what's on our minds and hearts. We are conditioned so well as children to sneak, lie or whatever because of so many things like religion, school, and numerous other stuff. I guess the journey of life is learning then unlearning. Mox

yea it is confusing when you and other people lie and are'nt themselves. I can't blame the ones that have been infected by things in there life and now they think differently. Its ok to be shy or to have time alone and not reveal yourself until you've come to acceptance with your problem but the mind games are the only games that are'nt fun.

Moyo how beautiful, So true about love.Respect for one another will help keep you together, just treat each other as you would have them treat you...seems simple

It's quite true that most people are not happy,really they are not happy b'se of where they come from.their family did not planed before giving birth to them and they find life very tough,very tough.<br />
As you know,all hands are not equal,trully not equal,when one never pass through hardship,he/she never knows how painful it is.<br />
Really life is very tough and only God keeps our secret for us and we're all awaiting the blessful of God to come upon us.<br />
Please,help those passing through tough life and let them have the fully blessed life.

I love people.No one falls in love by choice,it is by CHANCE.No one stays in love by chance,it is by work.<br />
And no one falls out of love by chance,it is by choice.

So simple....


So sad to think people just can't be themselve, in the end they only decieve themselves... very sad

On the internet,...only dey know who dey is! Of course intuition helps.<br />
Sometimes I hurt for those who have to fabricate tragedy and such, or make a pretence of wanting to die.<br />
I'm serious. They just didn't get the love and attention they needed. Everything seems so random in life, I feel that it's not thier fault. They're victims of fate who were born into families that never knew the importance of love and nurturing and discipline.