im not mad, and im not punishing anyone if thats what this would look like.... im just not going to burden anyone in making them be here for me when they cant because you all should have fun even when im depressed, i shouldnt make anyone be here for me, make you guys be my friends... ill still post and be active on ep.. i just wont speak to anyone directly.. i wont bother anyone ever again until... i dont know.......... something changes..... this is extremely hard for me but... i know that it would be better for everyone if it was like i didnt exist.............  in  time they will be glad, maybe not asap but they will realize its best with me gone.......... i love you guys... my heart hurts but you dont need me anymore and i wont bother you anymore... in time maybe i will be able to speak and not burden anyone... till then... just know i love you and that even though im in pain, now you guys are free of me..... :(

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

It sounds like you're or were going through a hard time. I hope you have come to your sences now though. I know I don't know you so forgive me if I speak out of turn here but I'm only trying to help.<br />
I don't think you would be a burden to your friends, I thought this place was for people to support each other so it works both ways. You can't make anyone be a friend so they must want to be your friend. People can still have fun while your feeling depressed, it's called trying to cheer you up.<br />
I have felt the exact same way before but I realized I was feeling sorry for myself and I think you've been feeling sorry for yourself. We're our own worse enemy at times. I hope you have moved on and are no longer in this mind fr<x>ame.Take care and be lucky xox.

I'm sure you aren't a burden to your friends. I never mind being there for a friend in need and I'm sure your friends probably feel the same. Even if you dont tell them your problems theyll probably still worry. I hope things get better for you though