We All Have A Past...

For a while I thought I should delete certain experiences and stories. I'm no longer with the person who inspired them and I thought, out of respect to my current significant other, I should remove them. However, I've decided to leave them be. They are a part of my past. I believe it's important to be with someone who can respect that I DO have a past and that it is just that, the past. They should not feel intimidated if they were to see them. This place...EP...was my haven for so long. Although, to be quite honest, it was a PERSON here rather than the actual site that was my haven. Now that they're gone this place is rather hallow. BUT, I've remained here and I've decided that despite the fact that EP has been infested with pervs and creeps I'm going to stick around and try to leave my own positive impact in whatever way I can. So, that means ALL of me is remaining. Not just my present....but everything that makes me me. And who knows...maybe in time I might even reveal my true identity rather than continue hiding behind the anonymity of this site. We'll see about that though. :P
cherryxblossom cherryxblossom
26-30, F
Dec 1, 2012