This was a spanking I will never forget. I was 6 years old. I went to school and I learned that it was show and tell. One of the girls brought in her mothers bracelets and told the history behind it. The girl then put it in her desk. At lunch I went to her desk and put it in my pocket.
Towards the end of the day she went to the teacher and complained that somebody stole her moms bracelet. The teacher asked the class to come to the center of the class. She then asks if anyone seen her bracelet. The whole class said no. We were all told to empty out our pockets. Now I'm freaking out cause I know I have it. The bracelet comes out of my pocket for the whole class to see.
She asked me why I took it and I just sat there in shock. She sends me to go tell the principal what had happened. When he asked I told him I don't know. He said that my parents were gonna be called to come in and find out what I did and that I would not be comming into school tomorrow. The only thing I could think of at that moment was what my dad was gonna do to me.
It was a quiet ride home and he told me to go to my room. I was there for 3 hours and he didn't come in so I'm thinking oh this ain't bad maybe he's not mad. One hour later I hear my mom yell up to me to go take a shower before bed. When I got out of the shower I could hear my dad comming up the stairs. I knew I was done. A knock is at my door and my dad comes in. He comes over and sits on my bed and asks me what I did, I just told him I didn't know why I took it. He told me to stand up and I started to cry because I knew my buns were gonna get it good. He then tells me to pull my bottoms down to my ankles. I did the he tells me to do the same with my panties. I did. I'm dtanding here completly exposed shaking and crying. He grabs my arm and tells me to lay across his lap. All of a sudden I felt his hand come down on my bare fanny so hard I was screaming. This happen about 20 really hard wacks. He gets up and tells me to bend over the bottom of my bed. I bend over the bed just waiting and waiting then I could hear my dad rip his belt off with a wush sound. When that belt came in contact with my bare butt let me tell you I bet the people next door could hear me getting a spanking it was so loud. I got 20-25 full licks with the belt and was told to go to bed. That night I remember sleeping naked cause my *** was beat to a pulp. I never stole anything after that. I feel this was a good lesson and think there should be more spanking today
bracamontekelly bracamontekelly
26-30, F
Sep 1, 2014