Their touch still haunts my nightmares, their voice, scent and mannerisms still linger sending me into a breathless panic. I fear I will not return from the abyss and hell they sent me under when they forced themselves onto my body and used it like a discarded rag doll toy. My space, emotions and mind remain invaded by the thoughts of being used, abused and left to drown in my own blood. Loneliness, abandonment and despair descending down upon my soul. Like a mirror left to carelessly shatter, I fear I will not be able to pick up the pieces of my person again. Dead and cold is the light within my eyes and I take no pleasure in the touch from another. I only wish to bring them to justice, to warn the other souls of the impending peril that may lurk among them.
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This happens quite often. It's a tragedy that most don't want to prosecute the offenders. I would like to put on a black hoody and ski mask and handle it for each victim. I think it's a ****** up process to proceed with prosecution. They get to violate you in private with no one around usually in a dark place even while you may or may not be screaming and crying. The victim must go to the hospital after for a rape kit if they are brave enough to report it within 48 hours. Then go through discovery answering questions and reliving it over and over again. Then when court comes, you must sit across from him because, "he has a constitutional right to face his accuser. Then in a court room with s judge, bailiff, two lawyers, social worker, 12 jurors in a box, courtroom of people, oh and the rapist; all looking at you, you must tell your story and relive it again while watches! I could prosecute them, but I prefer my previous technique! I'm sorry you had to go through that. It breaks my heart everytime a girl tells me about it! I get enraged

Sounds like someone has forced upon you a selfish act.

What do you mean selfish act?

Its a kinder way of rape or such

Don't ever try and make something out to be less than it is like that. It is a serious act.

Looks like some ************ is a dead ***** to me.