I Love You Especially!!!!

****UPDATE SEPTEMBER 7, 2009*****

I've gotten pretty familiar with the circle gestures and enjoy using them now.  So look for my gestures.  I still send out special personalized gestures but as my circle has grown...well...you know the story.  If I hear from you...you hear from me.  Thats the way it goes.



My friends are very dear to me.  Its just impersonal to me to recieve a robotic message saying I hugged you.  Its nice to have someone think of you specifically and send you a guesture.  This option may remain available but should probably be reworked to not say......

Soinso ________'d their circle. 

I have feelings and want to feel a connection with my friends.  There is no easy way out of being a friend.  If you love and care for my well being then dammit send me a special message that is different from hers/his.

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6 Responses May 21, 2009

lol... i see i see... koo stuff... :D

I had some time to re-think and I think good morning, good afternoon, good evening...waving ect. are appropriate. The logical gestures that you can do to a group of people are ok. Some things have to grow on me I guess.

nah it isn't lame. We are all different and have our own interpretation of relationships. I just don't like the circle option.

I hear what you are saying but my personality is different. I would be happy someone just took the time to send out anything. I have a FB account and I get all excited that my friends even put me in their group to send a message, poke or app to. Yes, I know...lame.

Greeting cards can be used for that purpose. I just feel its impersonal.

I agree with you but at the same time I feel like... sometime you may want to say good morning... to your whole group... I think that would be ohkai... or maybe a holiday a mass one would be ohkai... but personal one shouldnt be messed out...