I Have Realised Its Kinda Shallow ....

First of all .. I would like to "Thank" Dimples for created such a genuine group ... I had sent some gestures to my circle without consideration It was the new option and I was interested to use it.. I have been receiving some circle gestures myself and I could really feel that the circle-gesture has created distance between each ep members... "Love" ... "Miss" ... "Hug" ... "Cry with" ... & So on ... These gestures arent for all friends in the circle but should be sent just for The one whom deserved them ...The last gesture that i sent to my circle was "Curtsy" I wish it could represent my "Apology" to all of you whom I had sent those meaningless gestures to ...If you have felt I was faked or was seeking for attention ... Please acknowledge ,, "I Have Never Faked Or Seeked Any Attentions From My Friends Here" I wish you could give me another chance to show the "Real" me However, "My Apology" is for my "Genuine friends" Not for "Invisible Friends"  I Respect Ppl Who Respect Me & I Value My Words ...

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Yeah .. you're right !<br />
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Hugs ~

Yeah ,, invisible friends = friends who added me to their circle ,, became my fans but have never shown their friendships or hospitalities for me at all ;)

I'm not sure what you mean by invisible friends. I personally didn't think you were "faking". I don't pay much attention to these things, though I have to admit I too really prefer personalized gestures if any. I liked your story :) Good points.

wow ,, thats amazing isnt it ?<br />
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1 and half year baby is talking to u ? wow !

nope ,, dont worry ;)<br />
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i still remember our convo well <br />
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hope everything is ok there <br />
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Thank you .. and I totally agree with your opinion ;)<br />
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Thank you, sweetie...<br />
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I have always hoped that the would change things to allow two or three gestures at once...like, for instance, I would like to gesture a hug, a hold, and a smile, all at once.....<br />
just me..my sweetheart.....

You're my very true friend ... and you knew it ;)