People are on here for different reasons. I see people who want to rack up as many friends as possible and some only have a few they want to stay in touch with.

I like to add friends who actually write something and comment on other peoples stories. Especially if I have something in common with them. I like to follow their experiences and of course seeing someone's private photo's can be very interesting...

NOTE: Don't look at my profile if you are easily offended by sex talk.

Thanks for listening
alton205 alton205
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

i'm not offended by sex talk, in fact thats all i talk about, i was thinking about expanding beyond sex stuff but i just can't seem to get my hand off my crotch. writing words like-- sex, crotch, expanding, thinking, stuffing, hand and offend; bring me back to square one, its like some kinda sex circle. grinnnnnnnnnn.

i am like you ,i like to look at pics and have some of me for them to look at if they want.